What to do if you test positive for COVID-19

Have you tested positive for COVID-19 ? Truth is, you may be worried for yourself and others you live with or have recently spent time with but not to worry here are some tips you may choose to take to ensure you have the best chance for recovery and to help reduce your chance of infecting others.

If you are confirmed positive COVID-19 test, you are most likely being sent home to rest, stay away from others, and recover. This will be the case for more than 95% of people, as their symptoms do not require hospitalization. Some patients have a higher risk for complications and will be monitored extra closely.

Symptoms tend to go away for most people as the body works to recover from COVID-19 infection, which usually takes two or three weeks.

Ten days after coronavirus symptoms first appeared and you don’t have any more symptoms, research suggests most people are no longer able to infect others and may end isolation.

You can find more information on what to do if you are sick from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control

OR Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Book an appointment for your COVID PCR test

In Nigeria, social distancing is a luxury many can’t afford because more than half of the population depend on daily income for survival.

The bone of contention here is, outside of community efforts like social distancing and wearing masks, how we fare against the coronavirus do not only rely on the ability of our medical professionals to handle sick patients but also in the diagnostics ! Do people have access to best laboratory services ? What treatments are available and do they work ?

We can help you book an appointment for your COVID PCR test today. Home collection of samples is at a pocket friendly price for premium service.

We rely on state of the art equipment and the expertise of our staff and partnering diagnostic center to deliver accurate results and within a *24 hour Turn Around Time* for many of our tests, particularly COVID-19.

We assist with your payment registration on the Lagos State biobank website at no extra cost and follow up with you through out your continuum to ensure you experience the best of laboratory services.

Also, we are equipped to provide both home and drive-through services to interested customers.  The options are available when you sign in and consent to our navigation services.

When we make effort to get tested , we are demonstrating not only how we can effectively approach protecting our most vulnerable but also how protecting our most vulnerable can protect us.

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Stay safe and remember to wash your hands and wear a mask

Why you should wear your mask

A review funded by the World Health Organization and published in the scientific journal lancet concluded that staying at least three feet from others and wearing masks do appear to limit the transmission of the coronavirus. 

When someone coughs,talks, sneezes they could release germs into the air that may infect others nearby.

Wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individual from contracting any airborne infectious germs.

Another study found mass adoption of face masks could even prevent a second wave of the disease.


Exercises & Physical Activities

Sample Exercises for older adults

Are you an older adult looking to establish an exercise routine, you should, ideally, be able to incorporate 150 minutes of moderate endurance activity into your week.

This can include walking, swimming, cycling, and a little bit of time every day to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.

Some reasons not to smoke

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Lung Cancer: Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer.

Heart Disease: One out of every five heart disease deaths is directly related to smoking.

Diabetes: Smoking causes type 2 diabetes.

Liver Cancer: Smoking increases the risk of many different cancers, including liver cancer. The risk might also be higher in smokers who have hepatitis B or C infection. The risk of liver cancer is increased further if you smoke and drink a lot of alcohol.

Erectile Dysfunction: Current smoking is significantly associated with erectile dysfunction, and studies have shown that smoking cessation has a beneficial effect on the restoration of erectile function.

Vision Loss: Smoking is as bad for your eyes as it is for the rest of your body. If you smoke, you can develop serious eye conditions that can cause vision loss or blindness. Macular degeneration and Cataracts are both linked to smoking .

The best way to protect your sight from damage linked to smoking is to quit or never start smoking.

Tuberculosis: Smoking increases the risk of contracting tuberculosis (TB), increases the risk of recurrent TB and impairs the response to treatment of the disease. 

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Telling the difference between FNAC & CNB for newly diagnosed and re-occuring breast cancer

Free webinar for breast cancer patients.

Fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), core needle biopsy (CNB) and vacuum assisted breast biopsy (VABB) represent the current methods of choice for pathological diagnosis, both with their specific advantages and limitations.

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Stress Management

People can learn to manage stress and lead happier and healthier lives . Today, we are giving you some tips to assist you keep stress at bay.

1. Stay positive , this means keeping a positive attitude.
2. Accept that there are events that you cannot control. Don’t try to control everything.
3. Be assertive instead of aggressive. Assert your feelings,opinions, or what you believe in instead of becoming angry,defensive or passive.
4. Exercise .Your body can fight stress better when it is fit.
5. Eat healthy, well-balanced  meals.
6. Learn to manage your time more effectively.
7. Set limits appropriately and learn to say no to requests that would create excessive stress in your life
8. Make time for hobbies ,interests and relaxation
9. Get enough rest and sleep. Your body needs time to recover from stressful events
10. Don’t rely on alcohol ,drugs or compulsive behaviours to reduce stress. Seek out social support.
11. Spend enough time with family and friends. Don’t live  an isolated life.

*Charity  Corner*
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A Brief Medical History of Mr Uzoma Ogueri

Mr Uzoma Cyril Ogueri is 60 years old, a retired civil servant. He was diagnosed of hemorrhagic stroke 4 years ago (26th October 2015). This affected his right limbs. He was placed on anti hypertensive medications and was taken to a Nursing home in Ejigbo on September 4th, 2019, however, the quality of care given to him declined and hence the need to take him back home. He was taken home on the account of a reaction which left his thigh and stomach with blisters and sore after he washed his clothes with a soap on 12th December, 2019. His health condition has resulted in him being aggressive and depressed and has refused to take his medications.

I appeal for support to help transfer my father to a better nursing home that provides quality care and offers Physiotherapy services

Would you love to support / Assist Mr Ogueri?You can reach out on our Patient Navigation Mobile:07040294659
Email: askpatientnavigator@gmail.com OR amorvard@gmail.com