My Experience in Windows of Opportunities

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To say I did not enjoy the WOP (Windows of Opportunities) meeting conference 2015 is to say the least. My name is ADEOLA ,incase you are wondering what my name is….lolz ! My experience in Windows of opportunities (WOP) had a great impact in my life and it will forever be a memorable one. I was given the opportunity to do one out of all I love doing most which is impacting and touching lives positively. I empowered about close to 25 girls, teaching them ICT (Information and communication Technology) and how to transform, implement and move their businesses into the next level using ICT in a dynamic and a practical way. Also illustrated how Technology has caused more good than harm which is available for people who are willing and determined to unlock their hidden potential to get the great satisfaction it has in store for them. My inquisitive audiences were also passionate and were ready to learn more about Technology. There is nothing more interesting and captivating than planning for an event and seeing it work miraculously. I must confess that the WOP organizers did a wonderful job. The timing was excellent, the program flow was superb, it was also impactful and above all God took absolute control of the program as I could tell on the expression on each faces that they all left the program fulfilled and happy that the time invested was worthwhile. Meanwhile, I was intrigued by the program transition from the commencement of the program till the end. There was never a dull moment. The program started by 9am with a welcome speech from the promoter of the WOP initiative Olayinka  Odumosu, afterwards, she introduced the first speaker on stage. The first speaker spent close to two hours discussing computer in a theoretical way with practical illustration. The second speaker spent almost 2hours teaching hands on computer practical. Finally, we visited Omatek Computer Limited where we saw how they assemble computer cases, speakers, keyboards and mouse. We also learnt about solar system techniques. My experience at Omatek was motivating and inspiring as some of their staff welcomed us and told us some life changing experiences. I won’t hesitate to accept the offer to come for another WOP because I really enjoyed every moment I spent there.

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